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Beach Wedding Dreams…

Photography by Best Photography, FL. Styling by www.jenniferaquilia.com

Tulle Dress, by Carolina Benoit (Upon Request), Layered Tulle Dress (Upon Request), Cream and Black dress by Carolina Benoit. 

I dream of a beach wedding! Breeze touching us, no shoes, and hair blowing in the wind… Just the perfect balance between a glam and relaxed wedding. And OHHH! The lavender arrangements, they are absolutely perfect!

What are your wedding dreams? ♥ Share Share Share!


Ball Gowns, Perfume and Cake


Do you think we’ll be in love for ever?

I can sparkle up your eye

You’re not good for me, but baby I want you, I want you…

Do you think we’ll be in love?

Never was there ever a girl so pretty

Dress Carolina Benoit, Shoes Kenneth Cole, Jewelry Carolina Benoit

What girly girl doesn’t go crazy for layers and layers of tulle, great perfume and anything sweet?

Working on the next collection is leaving me no time to blog… but, I give you this dress, which was the dress I wore to my engagement to Hen… a dream come true, cinderella style.